• How do i purchase online?

    Lazada is our main partner for online transactions. Being a Lazmall member certifies that every customer purchases authentic and warranty certified items from Mod Audio PH

    you can purchase Sonos products through this link

  • Does Sonos support Bluetooth?

    No, Bluetooth functionality is not present in any Sonos products. Sonos speakers are all Wifi connected devices. As such a user will be able to command multiple Sonos speakers simultaneously all through the Sonos app.

  • Is Sonos a portable speaker?

    Sonos products require an electrical outlet for it to function, they speakers are not battery operated. However, you will be able to move them around the house as long as the Wifi covers the area and there is an electrical outlet to plug the speakers in. 

  • Does it have service center and warranty?

    Mod Audio PH offers a 1 year replacement warranty for all units purchased under Sonos PH/ Mod Audio/ Modularity Electronics Inc. All SONOS units are sealed and considered brand new on purchase

  • Is Sonos wireless?

    Yes Sonos relies on the wireless network a router provides. No more thinking of wires, cables, amplifiers, and all the clutter you go through as you setup an audio system for your home. Sonos connects wirelessly to the WiFi thus having a longer range, better sound quality, and a more reliable connection

  • How do I operate my Sonos speaker?

    Simpy download the SONOS app for iOS, Android, Mac and PC to operate the speakers. Just follow the easy step-by-step guide on how to setup your speakers one time, and you are good to go! Follow this link to download the controller 

  • What if I don’t have internet can I still operate my Sonos speaker?

    Yes the Sonos Sound System relies on the wireless network for it to work, however the functions are limited. Without internet, music streaming services will be unaccessible, but a user will still be able to play locally downloaded files and stream it to the Sonos system. 

  • Can SONOS support Dolby atmos?

    Currently the Sonos Home Theater System only supports Dolby 5.1 wirelessly. Stay tuned for further updates on the matter. 

  • Which SONOS product can I use for my existing sound system?

    You can transform your traditional speaker setup into a smart sound system with the Sonos Connect. By using the Sonos Connect, you can now stream music and make your traditional setup play in sync with all the other Sonos speakers. 

  • Can I use SONOS for an outdoor setting?

    Sonos speakers are not weatherproof so they cannot be placed under direct sunlight and rain. However, the play:1 and Play:5 are humidity resistant and can work in an outdoor setting as long the speakers are covered and protected from the elements. A solution of having 3rd party weatherproof speakers with a Sonos Connect:Amp can integrate outdoor speakers to the Sonos System. Message us for more recommendations on how to integrate with Sonos.

  • How many speakers can be in one system?

    The maximum that you can connect to a network are 32 Sonos speakers.

  • Do I need to plug anything to router?

    If you want to use a BOOST setup, you must plug a Sonos unit to the router. On the other hand, standard setup does not require to plug anything to the router.

  • Can I play directly from the Spotify app?

    Yes, this is possible! please see link on how you can control your Sonos system through Spotify.

  • What is trueplay?

    It’s a speaker tuning software that utilizes your iOS device to interpret the soundwaves coming from your SONOS speaker and tunes your speaker automatically to give you the best possible sound in every room of your house. It adapts to the obstacles that are present near the speaker.


    see this link for better instructions on Trueplay

  • Do I need an amplifier to run Sonos?

    No, all Sonos speakers have a built in Class D amplifiers and do not require to be plugged into an amplifier anymore. All speakers can work on its own as a stand alone unit.

  • What speaker should I put for my room?

    To figure out which speaker fits your place best, please follow us on facebook and instagram and message us directly so that we can accommodate your questions and walk you through our process of choosing the right speaker for you.

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