Welcome to the Mod Audio website

Mod Audio PH just had its site revamped with some new features just for you. Here are some of the things that the site now offers

Ability to Purchase Online

Through our official partnership with Lazada, clients can now purchase Sonos speakers online and take advantage of the various payment methods and promotions Lazada has for its customers. Best part of it all, you can have your speakers delivered right at your doorstep in a matter of days!

Discounts For Purchases Online

As part of online launch, we have created a code in Lazada that provides a discount to our whole product line in our Lazada store. This will be an additional discount to the current promotions on going in Lazada, so please make sure to take advantage of this promotion when buying!

You can get a hold of the discount voucher whenever you message us through the Facebook Chat / Contact Us/ Mobile Phone details that we have on the site. Take note though that the discount code is limited to the first few customers who avail the code. The promo code will run as long as ticket counter lasts.

Customer Support and Reachability

 There are now numerous ways to get in touch with Mod Audio PH through the website. Use the Facebook chat button that easily sets up a chat window with our customer support. Moreover, an email functionality has been created in “Contact Us”, and of course our mobile phone is always ready and open to take in whatever queries or concerns you might have for Sonos.

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