Turn Sonos into a Music-Powered Party Game

With Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and all kinds of other holiday gatherings just around the corner, we’re entering that yearly season of inevitable togetherness. Whether you’re excited to reconnect with friends and family or dreading the awkwardness, one thing is certain: Music can enhance these moments and even bring us closer together. We know. The science says so.

It’s no coincidence that Sonos is popular at parties. Not only does the smart home sound system fill each room with the crystal clarity of your favorite party jams like you’ve never heard them before, but it’s easy for people to add songs to the queue as the festivities roll on.

This ever-popular Sonos party DJ use case has inspired us to experiment and try something new: Can we turn the Sonos queue into a game? The answer, we quickly learned, is yes. So we did exactly that. The Sonos Game is a new, collaborative way to incorporate music into your gatherings during the holiday season—or any other time of year.

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