Home theatre for music lovers.

Epic sound for all your films, games and TV shows. And it streams music, too. For those times when all you need is a good tune.

Sets up easy.

No need to run speaker wires around the room. Just set it all up, connect to your TV with a single optical cable and relax. Your Sub subwoofer and rear speakers will sync up wirelessly.

Grows to 5.1 with zero drama.

Start with Playbar, Playbase or Beam. Then add Sub and a pair of surround speakers whenever you’re ready. They’re all part of one surround sound system, so they work together seamlessly.

Stream music, too.​

More than just great sound for your movies and games – you can stream your favourite music services and internet radio to your TV room, too.

Expands to any or every room.​

Send TV sound or streaming music around your entire home. Just add Sonos smart speakers in other rooms and they’ll wirelessly sync to your home theatre.